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כְּבִישׁ פְּרָטִי – Driveway

December 2, 2011

בשכונה שלי, בבולטימור, יש הרבה בתים עם הרבה מכוניות גדולות.  (יש הרבה אנשים – אני גר בשכונה יהודית, ויש למשפחות כאן הרבה ילדים.)  הבתים ישנים, והרבה המשפחות בונים חדרים חדשים.  יש לנו (המשפחת שלי) מזל שיש לבית שלנו כביש פרטי בשביל המכוניות שלנו…

In our neighborhood, in Baltimore, there are many houses with many large cars.  (There are a lot of people – I live in a Jewish neighborhood, and the families here have lots of children.)  The houses are hold, and many families build new rooms – we’re lucky (my family) that our house has a driveway for our cars…

And that might sound strange (I don’t know what the ‘norm’ is in Israel, for example, though a lot of the houses we see on “House Hunters International” don’t have them either).  But when our neighborhood was built, all of the houses had driveways.  Many of the houses built over the pads to expand their houses, or put grass down to expand their yards – they simply park in the street.  I’m quite happy to have a driveway to put the car somewhere off the street, thank you kindly.


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