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Hitting the Wall

August 25, 2013

So I had a week off from work this week.

Ostensibly, I was home from work to help with watching my children – in theory, this was the gap week between camp and school for our eldest, and given his developmental issues, my wife had asked that I stay home to give her a helping hand.  When the JCC let us know that there was, in fact, a gap-week program for children in his boat, we registered him but I kept the time off, since it’s been ages since I’ve actually taken sustained time.

My plan for the week was to get some things done around the house and let my wife have some needed relief herself (or, rather, to get ahead of the chores she’s been buried in)… and to try to squeeze in some of my language practice.

Yeah.  Didn’t happen.

The issue in the end was not lack of anything to practice with.  I have El Circo de la Noche on my Nook to finish up still, and I have plenty of movies with Spanish soundtracks to listen to.  I have a couple of books to work on my grammar… and if I get bored, I still have my lessons in Gerda Malaperis! in Esperano, Assimil French, my Hebrew…

No, the problem was just not feeling any motivation without the pressure of my usual schedule.  I actually found that I study harder when I have everything in the world pushing into my in-box, and that when I’ve all the time in the world, everything kind of gets put on hold.

So I’m back to the grind tomorrow morning.  I’m thinking that once I’m back into the “regular routine”, I should be more effective on the language learning again.

I better be.  It’s only 3 months to the DELE…

One Comment
  1. Sometimes, you just need to take a break… even from the thinks you enjoy doing 😉

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