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#add1challenge – 2 Weeks In

October 13, 2013


Two weeks in, I’m slowly getting some confidence in French while I’m trying to bolster my Hebrew.  I’m starting to wonder if perhaps my issue with my Hebrew is more that the goal is somewhat vague, as opposed to the French goal… but that’s really neither here or there.

When I started the challenge, I set myself a goal of monthly video updates (meaning that I’d be doing 3 updates at the minimum), with a lean towards doing biweekly videos.  As I’ve mentioned in the updates here, I actually started writing a script this week, and sat down during halftime of the Ravens-Packers game to record it in my office.  The result – bolstered by some liquid courage – can be found at YouTube (and below).  After weighing the way to do it, I ended up deciding to do a wholly French video this time, and I’ll do Hebrew next time – the whole “confront your fears head-on” aspect and all, since I know I can speak Hebrew.  (If you do critique – please be honest, but kind.  I really am trying hard, since I’m learning somewhat in a vacuum.)

I’m not going to rehash how I still have to deal with my stage fright.  As I said, liquid courage… which seems really stupid when I’m just sitting in front of my camera by myself, but.

But also, as I say in the video – I really only sound so good in the video because I finalized it on Friday and had two days to rehearse it, coupled with using a few things to check my pronunciation.  I don’t think I’d do so well in French yet on the spur of the moment.

On the other hand, something happened regarding my Hebrew totally unplanned.  I had to pick up my eldest from his Sunday afternoon program (“Sunday Funday” at the JCC, a 4 hour bi-weekly program for special-needs children), and he asked nicely to be taken to the playground.  While there, and when he wasn’t paying attention, I yelled out to him in Hebrew, since I try to use the language with him when I can.  (Bear in mind again that a significant majority of my neighborhood is Orthodox Jewish.)

One of the other parents watched me for a moment, and then asked me in Hebrew where we lived.  I responded appropriately (אני גר בשכונה הזאת, אבל בעיר) and we went back and forth a few more times till I switched back to English.  Apparently, my accent was sufficiently good and my diction sufficiently fluid that she was asking for more details about where I’d learned than I was able to provide without swapping.

Now I just have to figure out what to do in 2 weeks in Hebrew…

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