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רַכֶבֶת קַלָה – Light Rail

October 15, 2013

כאשר אני הולך לצפות את המשחק באצטדיון, אני רוכב על הרכבת הקלה (כי אני לא רוצה לשלם עשרים דולרים לחנות את המכונית שלי בשביל ארבע שעות).

When I go to the stadium to watch the game, I ride the light rail (because I don’t want to pay $20 to park my car for four hours).

בזאת האמת.


#add1challenge Update, Day 17

Wow, it’s day 17.  I was quiet yesterday due to my first night of curling for the new season – I didn’t get home till around 11:15, and was too tired to come post.

Duolingo: Completed two units today.  On to the next tier!

Memrise: Seven new French words, and five new Hebrew terms.  Keeping everything clean, and I’m seeing fewer and fewer words cropping back up day after day.

Assimil: I’ll be sitting down to do that in a few minutes.  Been helping the wife with a chore.

Hebrew reading: Found another article in Israel Hayom that I’m interested in (about the Tel Aviv Light Rail, go figure), but this one’s got a lot more vocabulary that I don’t know, so it’s slow going…


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