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חג המולד השנה 2013

December 25, 2013

So since I’m obviously home on Christmas (on-call, yes, but at home).. I finally got my last Hebrew update out of the way for the #add1challenge.

This time, it only took me ten takes to get down something I’m happy about (meaning: willing to live with).  I genuinely think my issue is that I’m just self-conscious and being a perfectionist about recording videos when I’m doing a presentation, and I’d probably be fine speaking to someone else.

It’s not fantastic, but it’s there…

If things are quiet at work this week, I’ll get one more French update done as well (this time with subtitles).

  1. As I said previously (on an earlier video), your communication skills are quite fine. If I met you here on the street here, I probably vouldn’t even suggest to ‘Let’s speak english instead”
    The usual vord for “tvo years old” is ‘shnataim’, but other than that, no real quibbles.
    , and overall, I’d call it a reason to be damn proud of your multi-glot efforts.
    My vife keeps, kinda, kosher, but ve both knov that the regulations arrived, each for its ovn historical reason, and the chickens do NOT give milk. I eat vhat I feel like, vhich doesn’t include pigs and snails, but not for religious reason.
    bravo on the sucessful video
    (Yeah, no ‘double-you’ on this keyboard)

  2. I’ll admit that I was wondering a bit there about the ‘v’s. 😉

    You know, it occurred to me afterwards that שנה has the irregular plural, but alas. This was entirely off the cuff… and as you said, you did understand what I meant. And I take the feedback as high praise. Thank you.

    Now, to just learn enough verbs so I can actually talk about meaningful things besides what I eat…

  3. I had an inspiring idea for your next video(s) this morning, and vanted to tell you about it:
    Assuming that you have clip cut and paste functions, vhy not do a ‘conversation’ vith yourself, even in a cheap disguise (paste-on mustache?) The ‘adversary’ vill ask prying, agressive, tendentious questions, and you vill blov him out of the vater on each one.
    And so, rather than a calm public-service announcement format, you get to do a ‘cross-fire’ type dialogue. And vin the debate.
    I find that the Hebrev I’m most ‘proud’ of here is my ability to solidly and clearly put assholes in their place, not vith profanity but vith vit and repartee.
    So think about it. Oughta vork in French too. Ex: ‘The more I meet jerks like you the more I like dogs… or roaches.”(a famous quote just dying for re-phrasing)
    Once again, nice to hear you doing so vell in the clip. i remember vhen I had tvo boys that age; it’s a vonder you have any free time at all/ JS

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